Joyful Theme in Sunbird-Ed portal:

The Joyful Theme in SB-Themes introduces a vibrant and lively color palette that invigorates the visual experience. Key color variables within this theme include:

  • Primary Theme Color: #FFD954 - Utilized as the primary theme color, infusing a sense of joy and vibrancy into various design elements.

  • HSL and RGB Values: hsl(47, 100%, 66%) and rgb(255, 217, 84) - Representing the HSL and RGB color notations for the primary theme color.

  • Contrast and Contrast RGB: #333 and rgb(51, 51, 51) - Ensuring high contrast for enhanced legibility and visual appeal.

  • Shade and Tint: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 56%) and hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 76%) - Providing shading and tinting effects for depth and dimension.

html[data-color='yellow'] {
    --primary-theme: #FFD954; // hsl(47, 100%, 66%);
    --primary-theme-hsl: 47, 100%;
    --primary-theme-rgb: rgb(255, 217, 84);
    --primary-theme-contrast: #333;
    --primary-theme-contrast-rgb: rgb(51, 51, 51);
    --primary-theme-shade: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 56%);
    --primary-theme-tint: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 76%);

    --primary-color: #024f9d;
    --primary-hsl: 206, 100%;
    --primary-color-rgb: rgb(2, 79, 157);
    --primary-color-contrast: #fff;
    --primary-color-contrast-rgb: rgb(255, 255, 255);
    --primary-color-shade: var(--primary-800);
    --primary-color-tint: var(--primary-200);
    --primary-0: #f3f7fa; 
    --primary-100: #edf4f9; 
    --primary-200: #80a7ce; 
    --primary-250: #d3e7f4; 
    --primary-300: #7ab4ee; 
    --primary-400: var(--primary-color); 
    --primary-600: #005391; 
    --primary-800: #002e50;

    --sbt-body-bg: #e9e8d9;
    --sbt-body-bg2: #f3f3e5;

// Overriding styles for joyful theme layout sample
html[layout='joy'] {
    .sb--card {
        border-radius: 1rem !important;
        box-shadow: var(--sbt-box-shadow-6px);
    .sb--card__img .img-container {
        border-radius: 0.5rem;

These color variables form the foundation of the Joyful Theme's design, creating a lively and engaging user experience.

Dark-mode version:

In the dark mode theme of SB-Themes, color codes are meticulously curated to ensure an appealing and user-friendly experience in low-light conditions. Let's compare these color codes with a vibrant yellow color:

  • Primary Color: The primary color in dark mode, represented as hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 58.24%), exhibits a distinct contrast to the lively and energetic yellow color.

  • Shade Variations: Shades like --primary-0, --primary-100, --primary-200, --primary-250, --primary-300, and --primary-400 are tailored for dark mode, ensuring clear contrast and visibility. They stand in sharp contrast to the warm and inviting yellow hue.

  • Secondary Color: The secondary color in dark mode, synchronized with the modified primary color, complements the theme's overall aesthetic, distinct from the radiance of yellow.

  • Gray and Text Colors: Dark mode introduces a set of dark-themed colors (--color-000, --color-111, --color-222, --color-333, --color-444) for enhanced readability and visual appeal in low-light conditions.

  • Backgrounds: Dark-themed backgrounds (--sbt-body-bg, --sbt-body-bg2) are thoughtfully chosen to create a cohesive and comfortable dark mode experience.

These purposeful color adjustments contribute to a visually engaging and user-centric dark mode theme, offering users an enjoyable experience when navigating the Sunbird-Ed portal and mobile application in reduced lighting scenarios.

html[data-mode='darkmode'] {
    // --primary-theme: var(--primary-theme);
    // --primary-theme-hsl: 49.3, 100%;
    --primary-color: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 58.24%);
    --primary-0: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 88%); // #fffcee;
    --primary-100: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 82%); // #fff8db; // default button bg
    --primary-200: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 76%); // #fffd2a; // divider
    --primary-250: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 70%); // #f1f1c7;
    --primary-300: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 64%); // #ffeb2a; // outline, focus fields
    --primary-400: var(--primary-color); // button bg, heading, table titles, links, toggles
    --primary-600: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 52%); // #ffc72a; // on press
    --primary-800: hsl(var(--primary-theme-hsl), 46%); //  #ffb62a; // hover
    --secondary-200: var(--primary-color);
    --secondary-color: var(--primary-color);
    --gray-800: var(--white);
    --color-000: #000000;
    --color-111: #111111;
    --color-222: #222222;
    --color-333: #333333;
    --color-444: #444444;
    --sbt-body-bg: var(--color-000);
    --sbt-body-bg2: var(--color-333) !important;

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