SB-Themes Repository: Unifying Design Across Platforms

The SB-Themes repository serves as a standalone repository that plays a pivotal role in both the Sunbird-Ed portal and the Sunbird-Ed mobile application. It embodies a unified design philosophy that ensures a consistent visual identity across these platforms.

Themes for Sunbird-Ed Portal:

Within the portal, SB-Themes introduces two distinct themes, each with its corresponding dark mode version:

  1. Classical Theme: This theme offers a timeless and conventional visual style, catering to users who prefer a classic aesthetic.

  2. Joyful Theme: In contrast, the Joyful theme brings vibrancy and energy to the portal's design, creating a visually engaging and joyful user experience.

Dynamic Theme Switching:

The magic lies in the use of CSS3 variables, which enable dynamic theme switching. When transitioning from one theme to another, structural changes occur throughout the portal.

This includes adjustments to the layout, button styles, card designs, modals, select boxes, and more. These changes align seamlessly with the chosen theme, ensuring a cohesive and visually pleasing user interface.

Consistency Across Platforms:

The same design philosophy extends to the Sunbird-Ed mobile application, ensuring that users experience a harmonious and familiar visual environment regardless of the device they use.

In summary, SB-Themes offers a versatile and efficient approach to theming, enhancing the user experience by providing choices and maintaining design consistency across both the Sunbird-Ed portal and mobile application. To add the sb-themes GitHub repository as a dependency in your portal's package.json file, you can use the following command:

npm install @project-sunbird/sb-themes --save

This will fetch the sb-themes repository and add it as a dependency in your project's package.json file, allowing you to use it in your portal.

When you install the @project-sunbird/sb-themes package using npm, it will be added as a dependency in your project's package.json file. The folder structure of your project will remain largely the same, but you will have the sb-themes package available in your node_modules directory. Here's how the structure may look:

|-- node_modules/
|   |-- @project-sunbird/
|       |-- sb-themes/
|           |-- ... (Theme-related files and assets)
|-- src/
|-- package.json
|-- ...

In the node_modules directory, you will find the sb-themes package along with its theme-related files and assets.

You can then import and use the themes provided by sb-themes in your Angular project by configuring your application's styles and components to use the predefined theme styles and variables provided by the package. These themes will affect the visual appearance of your portal's UI. Folder structure

sb-themes package is used in the Sunbird-Ed portal to manage different themes and styles. themes-portal.scss is the central stylesheet responsible for for defining the main styles for various sections and themes in the portal.

We have defined themes for each section like darkmode, accessibility, base and joy layout etc. Here is the screenshot attached for the reference

Note: "theme-mono1" and "theme-purple" themes, but these themes have not been implemented in the portal by default. Users interested in using these themes would need to make manual changes to enable and apply them in the portal.

After installing sb-themes, you'll need to link the file path within your project. For instance, in our Sunbird-ed portal project, we accomplished this by specifying the path in the angular.json configuration file.

In addition, we utilize themes-material_UI within the portal. These style overrides are related to the Joy theme layout and are specifically tailored to the Angular Material section.

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