Content Indexing Flow

How does content get indexed in Elastic Search

  1. Content create, update, publish, retire etc APIs are called and content is updated in Neo4j

  2. Neo4j writes these updates to a log file, typically located at /data/logs/learning_graph_event_neo4j.log. This file needs to have the right permissions i.e. it needs to be owned by the user neo4j is running as. Usually this is learning

  3. The logstash service picks up lines from this log and pushes as events into the topic

  4. The search indexer service picks up events from above topic and creates/updates the records in ES

  5. The search indexer config affects how the data is inserted

    1. nested.fields affects how certain fields are mapped

    2. restrict.objectTypes - Any records with these object types is not inserted into ES

  6. This applies to all the object types stored in Neo4J - Content, Collection, Question, QuestionSet, License, Framework, Channel

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