High Level Capabilities

Sunbird ED enables you to launch a learning solution where user can experience following capabilities. These capabilities are targeting various stakeholders such as Learners, Instructor/Facilitator and Admins available via Mobile app (Android & IOS), Web app (Website) & Desktop app.

  1. Learning apps

    1. Learning on any device using mobile app, web portal or Desktop app in online and offline mode

    Learning apps is powered by Sunbird ED

  2. Asset Sourcing

    1. Web Portal to source, crowdsource and curate digital assets required for learning needs

    Asset sourcing is powered by Sunbird CoKreat

  3. Content:

    1. Enable learning experience with wide variety of content such as simulations, explanation, e-books, games, virtual labs, AR/VR experiences using multiple formats - html, videos, h5p, pdf, audios and epub.

    2. Ease of creating content using Content Editors

    3. Engaging content play experience using Content Players

    Content is powered by Sunbird Knowlg

  4. Discover - Digital & Phygital:

    1. Personalize content discovery for your users based on their preferences (e.g. language, type of content, etc.) by defining & setting up your own taxonomies and categorization

    2. Engage users through contextual & just-in-time delivery of digital materials, which are connected to physical materials, through QR codes

    Discover is powered by Sunbird Knowlg

  5. Collections:

    1. Enable multiple types of collections such as courses material, textbooks, playlists with distinct behaviour

    2. Pluggable editor to create collections with proper tagging for ease of discovery

    Collections are powered by Sunbird Knowlg

  6. Programs & Projects:

    1. Microservices for enabling targeted time bound programs with defined digital assets to be consumed

    2. Microservices for enabling projects with defined tasks - helping users to structure their execution

    Programs & Projects are powered by Sunbird Knowlg

  7. Observability:

    1. Capture user engagement centric metrics and analytics using telemetry, data pipeline

    2. Observe user behavior, monitor progress, and drive improvements in user experience through actionable data-driven dashboards**.** Process more than 2 billion+ events in a day.

    Observability is powered by Sunbird Obsrv

  8. Launching Courses

    1. Create and manage course batches for user enrolment

    2. Enable rewards using rule based certificate issuance, discussion forum and capability to review user progress, assessment or quiz performance

  9. Question Bank:

    1. Set up and use question bank for various use cases such as practice, assessment, quiz, worksheet, survey, observations and others

    2. Create questions of different types and stitch them into question sets using a pluggable Question Set Editor

    3. Allow your users to consume quizzes, surveys etc. with configurable behavior like timers, hints, and more, using a pluggable Question Set Player

    Question Bank is powered by Sunbird Inquiry

  10. User Engagement:

    1. User account creation, login and user profile with learning passbook

    2. Tenant administration - user roles, location and other master data

    3. Drive user engagement on the platform via discussion forum, events, groups, and notification

    User engagement is powered by Sunbird Lern

  11. Chatbot

    1. Leverage existing networking Apps like whatsapp to enable various use cases such as assessment, surveys, quizzes

    Chatbot of powered by Sunbird UCI

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