Organised Collections

Organising assets into a collection makes the asset easily discoverable for the platform users. Collections can also be attached with certain behavioural, discoverable metadata. Behavioural Metadata: Any Collection can be made trackable/non-trackable collection by the creator. Non Trackable collection would enable normal consumption for the user. Trackable collection would facilitate the user with content state and progress information. Every action of the user within the content is recorded as content progress and the platform persists the metadata of the usage for further workflows. Discoverable Metadata: Any Collection can be part of two frameworks: a) Organisational Framework: Any Collection source is considered an organisational framework by default. This information is used to display the details along with the content for the users of the platform. Ex: A Book by NCERT can have Board as NCERT, English Medium, and 9th Grade as Organising framework information.

b) Target Framework: Target Framework enables the creator to target its content to users who may belong to some other content preference framework. It is possible to enable multiple target frameworks as part of content creation. Ex: A Book by NCERT can be targeted to users who might belong to CBSE and Tamil Nadu State Board.

The Organised Collections capability is enabled by the following components of Sunbird Knowlg

  1. Collection Service

The Collection Management API allows you to manage collection over the sunbird platform. Apis perform operations related to all the Collection on the Sunbird Platform.

  1. Collection Editor

Collection Editor is an angular Typescript-based editor which facilitates the user with the creation of multiple assets and organising them as structured collections.

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