Discover Content - Digital & Phygital

Content Discovery is one of the primary needs for the asset to reach the users. More Personalised, Preference-based content discovery aids the content consumption on the platform in a big way!

Currently, Content Discovery happens through the following means:

a) Digital: To enable asset discovery through digital means the platform provides the content to be tagged with different metadata as follows:

1) Audience Type: It is possible to associate the content with specific personas by tagging the personas with content. Content such as Student Material to Student persona, Training to teacher persona, etc.

2) Framework Categories: For an effective discovery of content, every content is associated with multiple framework categories. For e.g.: a) For School Education- Board, Medium, Grade, Subject can be framework categories. b) For Professional Training- Department, Domain, Subject can be framework categories

3) Topic: For ease of discovery, creators can leverage topics to uniquely identify the content.

4) Primary Category: Most of the content has some real-world application for the user which is represented as "Primary Category". For e.g. TextBooks, TV Classes, Courses, Play Lists, Learning Episodes, etc.

5) Additional Category: Sometimes it is possible that content might be shared across more than one category. In order to facilitate such requests platform enables the creator to tag multiple additional categories. For e.g. Learning Content, Workbooks, Explanation Content, etc.

6) Program or Custom Tags: It is entirely possible that content might have to be discovered as part of a program or campaign. The platform enables creators to tag the content with program-specific tags. For e.g. "AI_COURSE", "INDEPENDENCE__DAY__QUIZ", etc.

b) Phygital: To bridge the digital world with the physical world with the purpose of providing an unique interactive experience for the user. Sunbird ED allows the users to attach the content to simple QR codes. QR codes of these contents are part of the dial code infrastructure API. Helps the user to discover content through printed materials, campaigns, and other needs.

The above capabilities of Discover content are derived from components of Sunbird Knowlg. You can find details by clicking on the link here

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