Track progress and Earn credentials

  1. Verifiable e-credentials

When a learner puts in the effort to learn, makes progress, and achieves certain learning outcomes then these become skills that stick with them for years to come. Thus rewarding the learner for their effort and recording this “proof” of learning becomes valuable in the overall learning journey.

The first step in doing that is the ability to issue digital, verifiable credentials (certificates/badges) based on participation or merit in a learning journey These eCredentials stay tied to the user’s profile, can be downloaded at any time, and printed like an actual certificate, and is irrefutable as scanning the QR code on top of the certificate proves the authenticity of it. eCredentials can be tied to criteria - for example, it can be issued to the first 10 who complete an activity, or to learners who score more than 80% in the final assessment of a course. We’ve seen examples of adopters using digital eCredentials as an incentive mechanism to get better completion rates on courses - coupling the verifiable certificates with incentives in the physical world (like prize money or other opportunities)

  • Report cards

Having access to a digital learning “passbook” of sorts with all the learners skills and achievements is paramount when learners try to find further opportunities like we as kids used to do with our physical files of certificates. eCredentials can be assigned to users for accomplishing something in their physical world, and the digital learning passbook acts as a log of the skills, capabilities, and achievements of the learner

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