Data Model

DB Schema

The schema serves as a blueprint for creating and maintaining the database that supports the ML Core Services data storage and retrieval operations.

Here are examples of sample data for each collection

Programs collection is tasked with housing high-level program information, encompassing program specifics, resource listings, and program categorizations.

The programUsers Collection holds user data of those who have become part of the program and have provided their consent status.

The certificateBaseTemplates collection is utilized to store URLs and file paths indicating the storage location of certificate files, along with their corresponding certificate types.

The certificateTemplates collection will be established for solutions and associated with certificate templates to facilitate the generation of certificates, incorporating predefined criteria.

The solutions collection will serve as a repository for various types of resources, encompassing observations, improvement projects, and surveys, among others.

The userExtension collection will be responsible for storing user information, including associated solutionsId and programId, indicating their roles as program managers or designers.

Click here for DB schema and corresponding examples in a PDF format.

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