Material Icons

Angular Material Icons are a set of icons designed to work seamlessly with Angular Material and can be easily integrated into your Angular applications. These icons are based on Google's Material Design Icons and provide a consistent and visually appealing set of symbols for your user interface.

To use Angular Material Icons in your Angular application, follow these steps:

  1. Install Angular Material Icons: To confirm that Angular Material Icons are installed in our project, we can achieve this by adding the following line in style.scss file.

@import url( '');

This link imports the Material Icons font, making it available for use in our application.

  1. Use Material Icons in HTML: We can include Material Icons directly in our HTML templates using the <mat-icon> element. For example:


In this illustration, the icons "home," "favorite," and "menu" will be exhibited utilizing the Material Icons font, as demonstrated below.

Angular Material Icons provide a diverse collection of symbols suitable for a variety of use cases within your Angular applications, making them a valuable enhancement to your UI design. For additional information regarding the available icons and customization options, For further Angular Material Icons, please consult the links provided below.

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