What is Observation?

Observations consist of questionnaires tailored for specific entities like school blocks or clusters. Users with roles such as Teachers, HT and officials can record observations whenever needed and access them accordingly. On Manage Learn, Content Creators have the capability to create three types of observations.

Observation with rubrics

Creators have the flexibility to define particular domains, criteria, and scores for each Observation. Based on the scores users get on taking up an Observation, they are shown the level (L1, L2, L3) their school is at concerning the Observation that was conducted. Any logged-in user can use the Observations.

Observation without rubrics

The questionnaire is straightforward and does not include any domains.

Observation led Improvement project

These are Observations with rubrics with Improvement Projects mapped to each level. Users get suggestions for starting an Improvement Project based on the level they are at after completing the Observation.

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