Discovery of Content

Allowing users to discover content based on their preferences

  1. Browsing menus & filtering as per users' preference

This is where the generalisation+ personalisation really kicks in. You can configure all types of browsing and navigation experiences on Sunbird Ed. The most familiar paradigm to users is domain or framework**-**based discovery. For example

  1. A student in a school setup tends to look for content that is from their board and pertains to their class or subject.

  2. A district official is typically looking for projects/tasks that need to be acted upon by his jurisdiction (i.e. they look for content that is for their state, district, and purpose).

Based on the persona and preferences of the user, these browsing experiences can be configured.

An adopter can set up skill-based navigation, users can choose a skill or a goal and find content relevant to that goal. One can also set up “What can I learn” section based on what users already know, it makes suggestions on what else you can learn. There is also the dynamic “weighted” search & filtering capability using which learners can search based on keywords and the most relevant results based on their preferences, geographic location, etc. are returned.

2. QR Scan (phygital experience)

All digital assets on Sunbird ED are QR-codable, to lower the barrier of access. The code can be placed anywhere on a physical item like a book or a poster or even a toy or a piece of equipment - so that learners can scan it to immediately access digital content. That way, it is instant, contextual, and anchors on the familiar.

3. Conversational discovery (using Chatbot)

With chatbots making their presence felt in every industry to assist users with what they need, the learning landscape is no less.

The chatbot can be configured to have its own navigation experiences, like guided navigation or queries in free text. For example, an adult learner trying to learn spoken Hindi can ask the chatbot for courses on Hindi to get a filtered set of results. The Chabot can be integrated with any of the consumer channels, including external platforms like WhatsApp.

This is one mode that really excites us is asking questions is the most fundamental way of learning, and imagine getting just-in-time answers to your questions via digital interactive content.

4. Free text search

You can allow users to discover and search for content and make them personalised. Discover enables users to get inspired and take action before searching. You can enable users to discover content for other boards, audiences, categories, etc.

Search enables users to look for content across the whole app with a click of a button.

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