Detailed Capabilities

  • Organize:

    • Create your own taxonomy (framework)

    • Create and curate your own contents

    • Organize the contents into a framework for easy discovery

    • Tag the content across different categories for efficient discovery such as categories, publisher, subject, topic etc.

    • Associate content with the dial/QR code infrastructure

    • All above are enabled by Sunbird Knowlg

  • Discover:

    1. Configure various sections on Home and Explore page for personalized content

    2. Discovery by QR/Dial code

    3. Discovery by subject/topic/purpose

    4. Discovery by categories, publisher and trending popular content

    5. Discovery by search on clients

    6. Discovery by goals using banners

    7. Discovery content through deep links

    8. Enabling language support in more than 14 Indian languages

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  • Engage:

    1. Enable users to participate in Discussions for a course

    2. Notify users using Notifications for important actions such as program launch, certificate etc. using Sunbird Lern

    3. Engage users via chatbot using Sunbird UCI

  • Content Bank:

    1. Enable learning using e-books (epub, pdf) and video (Mp4)

    2. Enable learning using AR/VR experience, interactive content (H5P, HTML) etc.

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  • Visualize:

    1. Monitor progress and performance of users through downloadable CSV reports and charts

    2. Secure data access for consented users’ data

    3. Data visualization on trends & reports

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  • Training

    • Organize the training content

    • Managing virtual cohorts like batches within training modules

    • Enable users to be part of training batches

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  • Question Bank

    1. Assess their knowledge by completing the assessments within the course

    2. Allow users to take surveys according to your needs

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  • Credentialise

    1. Reward users Add certificate template and its criteria

      1. Participation certificate based on completion or

      2. Merit certificate based on performance criteria

    2. View, download and share all certificates earned via Learner passbook

    3. Reward, recognize and gamify the user's digital footprint on the platform

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