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Sunbird Knowlg

SunbirdKnowlg Components
GitHub Repo
Collection Editor (going to deprecate)
Plugins: Editors & Players
Editor for non ecml content
File upload editor
Learning platform (going to deprecate)
Knowlg platform jobs
Sunbird Knowlg Core
Sunbird Search Service
Sunbird DIAL Service
Knowledge Middleware Service

Sunbird Lern

SunbirdLern Components
GitHub Repo
Course Services
Certificate Services
Certificate Registry
Sunbird RC (Certificate Generation)
User Management Micro Services
Discussion Forum front-end library
Discussion Forum Middleware
Node BB Plugin for Discussion Forum
Node BB Plugin for User Auth
Groups Services
Learning Data Pipeline
Notification Services
Lern Data Products
Cassandra migration
Discussion forum Sunbird API's
Api Manager Utility and Token generation
Keycloak SPI

Sunbird CoKreat

Sunbird Co-Kreat Components
GitHub Repo
Sourcing Portal (Content creation)
Program service

Sunbird Inquiry

Sunbird Obsrv

Sunbird Devops

Sunbird Devops Components
GitHub Repo
Sunbird Devops Repository
Api Manager Utility
DevOps Repo for Knowlg
DevOps Repo for Observ
Prometheus azure blob exporter
Prometheus json exporter
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