Versatile Question Bank

TheVersatile Question Bank capability is powered by three components of Sunbird Inquiry:

  1. Question and Question set services

Question and Question set service is a micro-service which provides APIs to manage the lifecycle and workflows of creation and consumption of question & question set objects. These services are leveraged by the learning app to:

  1. Add questions sets as assessments to courses

  2. Generate ECAR file that enables consumption of question sets

2. Question set editor

Question set editor is used to create a question set, configure its behavior, and add/create questions in the question set. This editor is leveraged by the learning apps in:

  1. Creation of different types of templates such as Quizzes, Assessments, surveys, practice sets etc.

  2. Creation of different type of questions like MCQs, subjective questions etc.

  3. Stitching questions together and add configurable features like sections, instructions, scores, layout, shuffle questions etc.

3. Question set player

Question set player renders questions & question sets and emits usage data. This player is embedded in the Learning apps. It is used to:

  1. Enable online and offline consumption of questions and question sets.

  2. Embed to all learning apps of Sunbird ED

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