Organised Collections

Collections are a logical grouping of assets created by creators and are tagged with appropriate values for relevant discovery. Some relevant collections are:

a) Course

b) TextBook

c) PlayList

d) Episode

e) Web series

f) TV Classes

The platform further enables two types of collections to be created by users.

a) Trackable Collection: Any Collection can be made trackable that enables registering of the digital footprint, behaviour, and other metadata of user consumption. A Few Examples of Trackable Collections are as follows: 1) Courses 2) TV Classes / Shows 3) Training Materials 4) Collection With Assessments

b) Non Trackable Collection: Any Collection can be made non-trackable which can be excluded from registering user consumption data on the platform. A few Examples of Non-Trackable Collections are as follows: 1) TextBook 2) Playlist

Collections are generally grouped under metadata called "Primary Categories". This is being performed by the creator for ease of discovery and consumption for the user.

The above capabilities of Organized collections are derived from components of Sunbird Knowlg. You can find details by clicking on the link here

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