Release Notes

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About this Document

This document provides details of features and enhancements made to the Sunbird platform for the release version X.X.X and hotfixes X.X.X.

Release Version

New Features

Enhancements / Technical tasks

Open/Known Bugs

Installation or Upgrade

  • Fresh installation (link/tags)

  • How to Upgrade (link/tags)\

Configuration/Environment variable changes

Service Name


Configuration changes related to API

Form API’s update

Primary category definition need to update

Deprecations and Removals:


  • API’s which are deprecated/removed in this release

  • Configuration

  • Environment

  • NPM package is not supported

Breaking changes (The existing features will break the if we don’t do the below actions)


  • If there is any migration activity

  • If any api's are changed/updated which will break the previous existing functionality

Dependent Building Blocks Releases

As part of the Sunbird ED release x.x.x, this document also includes the updates taken from


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