Functional Configurations

To configure Sunbird Ed platform based on your use case, you will need to use the Postman tool. You can download and install the Postman tool by visiting the following link:

Please refer the below mentioned postman collection to setup minimal functional configuration for content creation workflow.Download the postman collection of Sunbird-Ed functional configuration​

Download the postman environment variable file ​

​Import postman collection and environment variables to postman tool​

Update below mentioned environmental variables in postman tool.

Environment key name

global_values.yaml key name





Bearer {{core_vault_sunbird_api_auth_token}}

Bearer xxx.yyy.zzz

  • Import the Postman collection and environment files. Then, go to the "Environment" section and choose the environment. Update the values of the "host" and "kong_api_key" variables, and remember to save the changes.

  • Once you have updated the environment variables, click on the "Collections" tab located in the upper-left corner. From the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner, select the desired environment name.

  • Now, you can start triggering the APIs in the collection one by one, following the specified sequence. Proceed to the next API only when the response from the current API is a successful "200" status code.

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