What is Sunbird ED and what does it solve for?

Sunbird ED is a software leveraged to enable learning, capacity building, professional development, and content distribution solutions. These are applicable in multiple domains such as Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, and anywhere learning is a primary need.

Here are a few examples of solutions that can be enabled through Sunbird ED:

  1. Targeted training or self-driven learning through courses, where users can be issued a digitally verifiable proof/credential of their learning.

  2. Providing reference materials for self-directed learning by users. E.g. How-to videos for farmers, and health workers.

What does Sunbird ED provide?

Sunbird ED allows you to configure and instantiate a ready to use platform along with three applications enabling specific solutions as per your needs and context.

Three applications - a mobile app, a desktop app, and a web portal allow user engagement on different types of devices.

Adopters of Sunbird ED

  1. DIKSHA - Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing by NCERT, MOE

  2. Lex by Infosys

Key Capabilities

A short video about SunbirdED and its functional capabilities

Learning Apps

Consume content on any device using a mobile app, web portal, or Desktop app in online and offline mode.

Asset sourcing

Manage contributions, crowdsource and curate digital assets using an asset sourcing portal.

Organized Collections:

Arrange the content into collections like playlists, courses, textbooks, episodes, etc.

Enable discovery and meaningful tagging by defining and setting up your own asset taxonomies and categorization. Link assets to QR codes to enable access to digital assets from physical material by a simple QR scan.

Discovery - Digital & Phygital:

Discovery of Contents using Digital and Phygital means using reference apps like Mobile, Web, and Desktop. Recommend contents using the personalized preferences of the user. Enable Users to discover content using phygital methods like simple QR scanners.

User Engagement:

User account creation, login, and user profile with learning passbook. User engagement using Groups, Discussion forums, Events, Notifications, and Chatbot.

Rich & Diverse Content:

Enable experience with a wide variety of content such as simulations, explanations, e-books, games, virtual labs, and AR/VR experiences using multiple formats - HTML, videos, h5p, pdf, audios, and ePub. Content Editors and Players embeddable in user applications

Versatile Question Bank:

Set up and use question bank for various use cases such as practice, assessment, quizzes, worksheets, surveys, observations, and others. Allow users to access questions using Question Set Player and which can be enabled using the pluggable Question Set Editor


Capture user engagement-centric metrics and analytics using telemetry and data pipeline. Observe user behavior, monitor progress, and drive improvements in user experience through actionable data-driven dashboards**.** Process more than 2 billion+ events in a day.

Launch Course

Create and manage course batches for user enrolment**.** Enable capability to review user progress, assessment, or quiz performance

Verifiable Credentials

Enable and manage rewards for the users using multiple ways such as rule based certificate issuance, badges, ranking, etc.

Multi-channel Chatbot

Enable users to engage using pre defined or free flowing conversations. Leverage this for various use cases such as Q&A, surveys, quizzes, assessments, etc.

Targeted Programs

Enable targeted time bound programs with defined digital assets to be consumed. Also enable projects with defined tasks, helping users to structure their execution.

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