Learning apps

Sunbird ED has three apps (Mobile app, Web app and Desktop app) and these reference apps allow adopters to unlock various use cases in discovery of content, credentialize and engage users through a set of configurable workflows. Few common features as follows-

  1. Enable discovery of content via

    1. QR codes

    2. Categories

    3. Personas

    4. Frameworks

    5. Deeplinks

  2. Enable personalization of content

  3. Access content in online and offline mode

  4. Engage users using

    1. Groups

    2. Discussion forums

    3. Chatbot

    4. Notifications

    5. Events (To be developed)

  5. Access to different type of contents such as

    1. PDF/Epub

    2. Video/Audio

    3. Games

    4. AR/VR experiences

    5. Virtual/simulation labs

    6. Practice questions

    7. Assessments

    8. Quizzes

    9. Surveys

  6. Allow users to access courses/training modules

  7. Allow users to access digital passbook i.e. a digital footprint of content consumption

  8. Access reports, dashboards of course/training progress of users

Apart from the above listed features, find few more key features/highlights for each of the components (apps) of Sunbird ED below -

Sunbird Reference mobile app -

Sunbird ED provides a reference android mobile application and IOS application.

Some key highlights are -

  1. In App Upgrades, Notifications enabled.

  2. Minimum Support Version of Android is 5.1.

  3. Minimum Support Version of IOS is 9.

Some Interesting stats on Mobile App for one of the adopter (DIKSHA)

  1. 1 million+ Daily Active User Count

  2. 8 million+ Monthly Active User Count

  3. Consistent App rating of 4.3+ for two consecutive years in play store

Sunbird Reference Portal -

Sunbird provides a reference app for the web portal, which runs on the latest browsers on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Some key highlights are-

  1. Support for content administrative capabilities

  2. Enable Instructor capability development

  3. Enabling credentials and batch management for courses/training module

  4. Compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Sunbird Reference Desktop app -

Sunbird provides a reference desktop application (for window, linux and macOS). Some key highlights are -

  1. Leverage underutilized infrastructure

  2. Distribution & consumption of content in Offline mode

  3. Enable Instructor capability development


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