Interacting / Collaborating


Learning is always more effective when it involves interaction or collaboration. Sunbird ED houses the capability to create groups that can be used to create classrooms, study circles, etc. where groups of users can learn together (either being guided by a mentor or by themselves). They can take courses together, discuss topics, ask doubts, upload homework assignments, and even be notified about key pieces of information. Imagine a corporate training scenario, a manager can create a group with all her direct reports so that she can watch over their training requirements. She can even add an expert on the topic to the group as a mentor so that her reports can discuss areas where they are stuck.

In recent times, we’ve all been going through, the need for asynchronous learning experiences, which are guided by a mentor/teacher have become the need of the hour. Because of the diversity of the country, not everyone has access to a device or the internet at the same time - and this construct of a group ensures that learners don’t get left out.

Discussion forums

Discussion forums allow users to ask their queries related to the specific context. The community will help/suggest solving the user's queries. Based on the most likes on the responses, users can take the suggestions shared by the community. Imagine a Q&A website like github where users can ask their queries and the community contributes.


Notifications are a way to alert users about updates, announcements, etc. Notifications can be in form of SMS, email, FCM, or in-app notifications. Sunbird ED enables creators to invoke or configure in-app notifications for their use cases. The SMS/email notifications can be sent synchronously or asynchronously as well.

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