In SUNBIRD products, text serves as the primary means for teams to convey content and accomplish tasks. To ensure consistency and readability, we've carefully crafted a typographic landscape that exclusively relies on system fonts.

Specifically, we use the uniform font size and weight of Noto Sans Regular for all standard typefaces.

The 8-point grid concept plays a pivotal role in driving design consistency, allowing us to assess user needs and scale typography effectively to meet those requirements. For more information please refer to this doc https://sunbird-ed.github.io/sunbird-style-guide/dist/#/typography\

Font Systems:

The beauty and organization of a font system are largely determined by the font scale and line height. Font scale encompasses a range of font sizes, while line height represents an invisible container that surrounds the font.

In our design framework, we recommend a base font size of 14, paired with a corresponding line height of 22. This combination offers an optimal balance of legibility and aesthetics. For the remaining font sizes, we provide flexibility for customization based on specific project requirements.

In alignment with design best practices, we advise maintaining restraint when selecting font scales. In most cases within a design system, except for display pages, it's advisable to limit the font scale to 3 to 5 variations. This approach ensures a harmonious and controlled typographic hierarchy, enhancing the overall visual experience.

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