Sunbird ED configuration related API's & API's handled by Sunbird-ED team will be documented here.

Sunbird-ED API's

Please refer the below Postman public API documentation for Sunbird-ED API's
Sunbird-ED Postman workspace

How to configure sunbird-ED?

How to configure trackable collection along with new framework?


This service is owned by Sunbird-ED Building Block. The CRUD API's are documented as part of the below API collection.
What properties can be used as part of forum create & the details has updated in the below document itself.

Sunbird ED Portal Postman Forms Config Documentation

This Postman Forms collection details about
  • Configuring forms for the functional features used in the portal
  • The documentation of usage of each form API's in the portal.
  • Functional form configs with Sample Create and Read API's.
  • Mandatory and Non-mandatory forms with impact.

Certificate: Enabling Certifications

This section detailed about
  • How to configure the Certifications feature in Sunbird-ED?
  • What are the API's related to Certifications?
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