What are multiple databases used for

Content Service

  • All schema fields except body is stored in Neo4J
  • Body, hierarchy is stored in cassandra
  • Redis caches the content ids and hierarchy for use by other services
  • Content is indexed to Elastic Search

Search API

  • Search API runs off Elastic Search. More details here
  • The compositesearch index is used for the search.
  • compositesearch is actually just an alias to an actual ES index. This is done so that if the index crashes, a new index can be built, and the alias can be pointed to the new index

Cassandra Migrations

Cassandra migrations are stored in this repo -
Folder - sunbird-cassandra-migration/cassandra-migration/src/main/resources/db/migration/cassandra


There are two redis instances running. A metadata redis and a knowledge platform redis
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    metadata redis / db12 : user cache used by DP Jobs
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