Deployment Overview

Create RC Tag

  • Log in to the Environment VPN.

  • Open Jenkins and log in.

  • Choose the "Release" option.

  • Select the "StagingRCTag" from the available options.

  • Opt for the "Build with Parameters" option.

  • Choose "Sunbird-Ed/ml-analytics-service."

  • Select the latest available release.

  • Initiate the build process.

  • Once a job is completed latest tag will be available in the GitHub tag.

Deploy Latest Version

  • Log in to the Environment VPN.

  • Access Jenkins and log in.

  • Opt for the "Deploy" option.

  • Select the desired environment.

  • Choose the "managed-learn" option.

  • Then select "ml-analytics-service."

  • Select the "Build with Parameters" option.

  • Provide the "private_branch" parameter with the latest DevOps branch.

  • In the "branch_or_tag" field, enter the latest tag.

  • Initiate the build process.

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