Multi-Channel Chatbot

The Multi-Channel Chatbot capability is enabled by the following component of Sunbird UCI

  1. Chatbot UX tool - Chatbot UX tool renders predefined and free-flowing conversations and emits usage data. This chatbot is embedded in the Learning apps. It is used to:

    1. Enable consumption of pre-defined and free-flowing conversations

    2. Embed to webapp (portal) of Sunbird ED

  2. Chatbot services - Chat services is a micro-service that provides APIs to manage the lifecycle and workflows of creation and consumption of conversations on chatbots. These services are leveraged by the learning app to enable chatbot with -

    1. Add pre-defined and free-flowing conversations

    2. Enabled customized chatbot for different platforms such as learning apps, WhatsApp, etc.

  3. Chatbot admin tool - Chatbot admin tool is used to create/add conversations, configure its behavior. This editor is leveraged by the learning apps for chatbot in:

    1. Creation of different types of predefined steps, actions, and workflows

    2. Creation of different types of free-flowing sets of questions with their respective answers

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