Configurations to setup mobile app

1. file contains all the necessary configurations to set up Sunbird mobile app. The following are the configurations inside the file.


The properties can be environment-specific so the naming convention is <env_name>__<property__name>. For example, suppose base_url is the property so its dev environment-specific property name is dev_base_url, and the staging environment-specific property name is staging_base_url.

Property nameDescription


Name of the app/instance


Version code should be incremented every time a build is uploaded to Play Store.


A unique application id that identifies the app.Env specific properties dev_app_id, staging_app_id


Base URL of the instance(shouldn't contain "/" at the end). Env specific properties dev_base_url, staging_base_url


Unique id used to show the origin(app/portal/desktop) of telemetry.Env specific properties dev_producer_id, staging_producer_id


Default channel id.Env specific properties dev_channel_id, staging_channel_id


The credential is required to generate mobile_app_secret. This can be a version number Eg. "<instancename>-0.1". Suppose in the future you want to stop API calls to "<instancename>-0.1" then change it to "<instancename>-0.2" and generate a new mobile_app_secret and use it in the app. Env specific properties dev_mobile_app_key, staging_mobile_app_key.


The credentials required for API calls Use this script to generate mobile_app_secret. The required properties to run the script is domain name, mobile_app_key, mobile admin key, and mobile admin secret(Run the OnboardConsumers Jenkins Job and take the mobile admin key and secret from Jenkins Output.)Env specific properties dev_mobile_app_secret, staging_mobile_app_secret


Base URL used to support deep linking in the app.Env specific properties dev_deeplink_base_url, staging_deeplink_base_url


Email address of customer support where users can email their queries about the app.


Custom scheme to support browser-based google login.Env specific properties dev_custom_scheme, staging_custom_scheme


Base URL of merge account feature(shouldn't contain "/" at the end).Env specific properties dev_merge_account_base_url, staging_merge_account_base_url


Redirect URL to support browser-based google login.Env specific properties dev_oauth_redirect_url, staging_oauth_redirect_url


Terms of use baseurl.Env specific properties dev_tou_base_url, staging_tou_base_url


Survey feature base URL(Manage Learn Usecase).Env specific properties dev_survey_base_url, staging_survey_base_url


Project feature base URL(Manage Learn Usecase).Env specific properties dev_projects_base_url, staging_projects_.base_url

2. google-service.json

Create apps in the firebase console based on the number of variants available for your instance. In the firebase console add the package name equivalent to your variant app_id. For example, suppose you have a staging variant of your instance and the property is following

staging_app_id =

In the firebase console create an app whose package name should be "".

For more reference follow this google support page.

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