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Where Sunbird ED helps you

What does Sunbird ED offer?
  • Made for offline first, works online and offline both
  • Works on a wide-range of devices
  • Support diverse variety of content formats in 30+ languages
  • Has been proven to work at the scale of a nation (1.3Bn people)
  • Employs highly configurable knowledge management for ease of discovery and personalization
  • Observability for every user action to generate actionable insights and usage trends
and much more...
Sunbird ED can be leveraged to develop learning solutions for:
Education -
  1. 1.
    K-12 or School Education
  2. 2.
    Higher Education e.g. Universities, Vocational training
  3. 3.
    Adult Education
Beyond Education -
  1. 1.
    Professional development
  2. 2.
    Capacity building
  3. 3.
    Digitised Content Distribution (OTT, CourseEra)
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