User Engagement

Sunbird ED as a platform supports various aspects of user engagement. Sunbird ED enables users to create and manage their accounts using open source identity and access management solution such as Keycloak.

Following are the important aspects that allow users to better engage with the platform.

User Profile:

Users can register/sign in using multiple channels: a) Standard Login in Sunbird ED b) SSO Login c) Login with Google d) Login with Apple (Available only in IOS) Users getting onto the platform can be registered using any of the above channels. It enables the user to onboard onto the platform with some basic information about the user preferences, etc. All the information regarding the user preferences, role, and other credentials gets stored as part of user profiles. The user will have the capability to manage his preferences.

User Location :

For report generation and segmentation purposes. User's information of State, District has to be mandatorily accepted by the user. Please note platform does not intend to ask for the user's precise location information. The option of location is mandated at the platform level. "Maxmind" APIs have used a source of information to detect the location of the user (State and District) and prefill the information for the user.

Notifications :

User Profiles can be leveraged to send an in-app notification to drive the user to complete his/her tasks. Respond to specific requests on the platform. Notification can be used to alert, update, announcements, etc.

Groups :

Groups as a feature will enable users to create a virtual cohort for the users. Allow the users to collaborate on learning content. It enables users to share a collection across the cohort. Reports & dashboards can also be generated for the specific cohort.

Discussion Forums :

Discussion Forums are one of the channels for engaging users with respect to content. It allows multiple users to engage in learning discussions, and clarifications on the content. Creates a virtual collaboration among users on a specific area of interest

The above capabilities of User engagement are derived from components of Sunbird Lern. You can find details by clicking on the link here

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