Play content

  1. Built-in content players

There is a range of players such as PDF, Video, HTML, H5P, ECML, and QUML players that enables users to consume content. To make the user experience richer each of these players has features such as volume, jump to pages, video quality, etc.

  1. Consume content online & offline

This is one of the most powerful capabilities of Sunbird ED. This could be groundbreaking in areas that have limited to no internet. How do we make sure that every child or adult in those areas which are mostly disconnected, still gets access to the same learning opportunities? Sunbird ED provides the capabilities to download and play content offline. In addition, it also allows physical distribution of content for pure offline scenarios (completely isolated areas)

Usage data can also be synced or exported to SD card which gives valuable insights into the content usage and learning needs.

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